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We at xTAINTEDx, strive to be the most intense, helpful and outstanding faction in Perfect World International, by assisting each other and/or to those outside of our faction.

xTAINTEDx provides full support to all of its members no matter what level they are. All ranking and non ranking members familiar with Perfect World International no matter if you are familiar with one class or all classes are to assist, advise, or give any information available to newcomers and/or any member needing assistance. Members of the faction are encouraged to join one another in goals such as socializing, defeating bosses, and completing cultivation quests.

Respect the restrictions of those who can assist. Although we are harmonized as a faction, we must also be able to play solo and to try to be independent and earn our accomplishments, rather than asking others for every indulgence. Other players may not be able to drop what they are doing to help you, so please understand.

We are here to help each other, gain the best experience and have the best FUN possible. Remember this is a game we are all here to enjoy it. This is a place for all members to get involved. If you have any suggestions, ideas or pointers, let us know so we can further better the faction.

We are Family oriented keep it as clean as possible ladies and gentlemen. Let’s not get into arguments or discussion about Religion, Politics, Racism, or rankism. These are subject that can really offend someone.

We can’t stress it enough that you are wearing our faction tag, so remember you represent the ENTIRE faction, be courteous, kind and helpful to people within and/or without our faction.

Someone wants to join xTAINTED that you know, get in contact with an Executor, Marshal, Director, or Leader. If they are not on give that member our Forums web site address: they can sign up there and we will be able to locate them and add them to the faction. All members are to sign up with their IN-Game names ONLY; all other will not be granted access.
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Code Of Conduct
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